Our Customers Say …

New vistas

After first experiencing music through the ‘Ypsilon SET-100 Ultimate’ monoblocks at the 2013 Melbourne Audio Show, I was utterly astonished! Those with me at the time have since described my facial expression as “starry eyed” and I have to admit that I still recall being instantly mesmerized by what I had heard. In short, these gorgeous, statement amplifiers presented me with a rich, involving and emotionally palpable performance that I had not yet encountered in electronics… and since I bought a pair, I have yet to hear other amps that even come close.

They provide incomparable dynamics, speed, immediacy, and authority; and are masters at revealing the tonal subtleties of timbral microdynamics and soundstage spatial cues. Listening to LPs with the ‘MySonic Labs Signature Gold’ cartridge and the SET-100s have afforded me the ability to get that much closer to hearing real music in my listening room and I consider myself a lucky man for the privilege.

Con Lucas and Mark Döhmann of Telos Audio and their Sydney dealer, Jeff Knox of Knox Audio are always nothing but thoughtful and friendly. They have helped me, through their unparalleled experience within the engineering and audio industries, to find components that within their respective categories are no doubt Telos (destination) products.

JG  (North Shore (Sydney))



"I have lived in Sydney and have been a serious music lover for many years now. Over this extended period of time, I have heard most of the recognised high end brands that were available and have owned & lived with a large quantity of them in some extremely well developed systems.

About 18 months ago I was fortunate to meet Mark Döhmann & Con Lucas from Telos Audio Distributors. Mark & Con kindly arranged for me to audition some of their higher profile products through their local retailer in Sydney. I have now had demonstrations of carefully selected brands such as Ypsilon Electronics, EnKlein cables, Minus-K platforms, Spiral Groove turntables, My Sonic Labs cartridges and Kaiser Acoustics speakers.

To my amazement, these demonstrations have had the unexpected effect of transforming what I considered to be an incredible system into something way beyond what I thought was possible. It basically left me knowing that I only had one option. Move-on some of the gear in my existing system as quickly as possible and introduce these spectacular components from Telos, such as Ypsilon & EnKlein and most probably others in due course.

I have now introduced an entire Ypsilon CD, DAC, Phono & Preamp and a full complement of EnKlein cables into my system. I know I will never be able to look back."

Ray  (Sydney)



"With Ypsilon - I finally "get it" ! Sometimes it takes a while to "undo" your own mindset about the gear that I had previously bought and spent my hard earned dollars on. It's not that what I previously bought were bad products - it's just that I didn't want to believe that there were better products out there.

The 2013 Melbourne Hifi show where you demoed the Ypsilon - is where I finally "got it". Joni Mitchell (on vinyl) album was playing with ALL the emotion you are ever likely to hear. With the Ypsilon Electronics driving the Kaiser's..... you could hear the tonal modulation in her voice, and "see" her at the mike. Absolutely stunning!

Now after living with the Ypsilon phono and amps gear for some time, I can finally UNDERSTAND on all my vinyl what the music and emotion is all about! Some of my older vinyl can be staggeringly brilliant. New vinyl well recorded, is far and away the best I have ever ever heard through the Ypsilon. I have performers live in my room!

I am still in awe of the micro/macro details and of the absolute transparency that Ypsilon provide. Not only that, but you also have the tonal colour of instruments that actually sound like real instruments! All my older gear was adding haze and adding their own tonal colour.

The guys at Ypsilon have their electronic design spot on. Simple circuit topology, the world's best transformer design and zero feedback . For me - there is absolutely nothing better on the planet."

Gerard  (Regional Victoria)



My first experience with Telos was at the Sydney hifi show in 2012. I was immediately struck by the sounds of violins when I walked into the room. For the first time ever, recorded violins sounded realistic, airy and with perfect timbre. That Spiral Groove sure was working some magic.

A subsequent trip to Melbourne to audition the Spiral Groove was a pleasurable afternoon with Mark and Con listening to lots of different records. It became very clear to me that these guys love their music.

I was able to audition the Spiral Groove with different cartridges (My Sonic Labs and Air Tight) as well as chatting about music. The audition was relaxed and very informative with honest assessment of components.

I was impressed that Mark worked with Ypsilon to ensure my existing phono pre would be compatible with the my chosen Air Tight cartridge and the right Ypsilon SUT. After purchasing from their dealer, Mark travelled to Sydney to setup everything perfectly.

A year later I still regularly shake my head in disbelief at the engaging sound produced by my turntable setup. I really could not be happier with the products purchased nor the service provided.

Mark  (Sydney)


Oasis of sound

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Mark Döhmann and Con Lucas from Telos over the past 2 or so years now working in conjunction with my local dealer and audio consultant.

In an acoustically designed room, with state of the art materials, a Thrax Dionysos Preamplifier, Thrax Orpheus Phono Preamplifier and Dual Spartacus Class A Mono Power Amplifiers amplify the music from my Continuum Caliburn turntable with excellence and aplomb.

I have not heard any other equipment bring the music to life in a way that this combination does. It masterfully reproduces music of any genre, faithfully and effortlessly.

In respect to dealing with Mark and Con, the experience could not be better. Mark's attention to detail is unsurpassed. I have found him to be honest and full of integrity at all times, but more than that he will go the extra mile to make sure that everything is functioning at the highest level.

In respect to equipment selection, nothing is too good, but if it does not meet the required standard, you won't find them selling it – the standard has to be high to find it's way into the Telos portfolio.

If you take the opportunity to audition the Thrax equipment, take your cheque book – you may not want to leave without it!

Mike  (Victoria)