Our Brands

We have taken great care in selecting the brands that we recommend to you.

Our goal is to represent manufacturers who develop products with cutting edge technology, precision workmanship and that stand apart from the mass market.

These manufacturers all have one thing in common ...their ability to ‘voice’ their products so that they have that rare, transcendent, compelling, immersive quality that we call ‘exceptional’.

We are confident that they represent an expression of state-of-the-art in terms of tonal accuracy and sonic purity.

It is not uncommon for these brands to be boutique specialist companies, not as well-known through the global audio media but very well-known amongst discerning & experienced audiophiles.

Before we decide to represent a brand, we personally visit the environments that their products are designed, evaluated and manufactured in.

We ensure that the company is well resourced and has the capacity to support the product long term.

We are honoured to have the opportunity to bring these special products to you.

We welcome you to browse through each of the brands and view our comprehensive product range.