About Us

Telos Audio was established in 2010 by Mark Döhmann and Con Lucas, however the foundations for this collaboration were laid many years earlier.

Possessing a passion for music and the reproduction of the recorded arts, the Telos Audio team spent more than a collective 50 years gathering experience in high-end audio.

Our journey included involvement in analogue audio design, research in psycho-acoustics, attending many global high-end shows and countless hours optimising home listening environments. It involved listening to well-regarded systems from audiophiles around the world, as well as spending time with legends of the audio industry.

Eventually, we came to believe that there are plenty of brands of good audio equipment in the world. There’s even some really good gear however truly exceptional audio reproduction gear is very rare indeed.

So what makes something exceptional?

It is actually many critical aspects coming perfectly together.

For example, the background and philosophy of the designer, the design & execution of the circuit, the choice of materials & components, the quality of the manufacturing process, the capacity to support the product long term —
all of these elements are vital.

However, we found that these things are only part of the story. We experienced many examples where certain brands had covered most of these criteria, but when we listened to their sound ...well wasn’t very engaging, despite the rave reviews.

We believe that in addition to these elements, exceptional audio creates a feeling of total transcendence, immersion and connection to the music within the listener. A direct connection with the emotion in the music that is so powerful that the listener eventually realises that their mind hasn’t for one moment drifted to the quality of the bass, the soundstage or the equipment.

It’s that feeling when you play music deep into the night, not realising what time it is ...or when you can’t stop bringing people into the room wanting to share the joy of a particular piece of music ...

This ‘voicing’ is the key ...our product range is personally selected for its sonic purity, tonal accuracy, realism, openness, flow and ability to convey emotion.

This is how we define ‘exceptional’ and this is what we want to share with our customers ...this is what Telos Audio is about.

Our job is to find these exceptional manufacturers and bring them to you.

It is not uncommon for these brands to be boutique specialist companies, not as well-known through the global audio media but well-known amongst discerning & experienced audiophiles.

Before we decide to represent a brand, we personally visit the environments that their products are designed, evaluated and manufactured in. We ensure that the company is solid and has the capacity to support the product long term.

Our focus is not to ‘sell boxes’ is to show you what is possible by exposing you to the best high-end audio available.

If you are a discerning audiophile looking for that ultimate level of musical enjoyment, once you experience it you will know that you have come to the end of your journey.

Our pleasure is in helping our customers to find “destination products” where they can concentrate on enjoying the music with the satisfaction that the equipment they have invested in is the ultimate expression of the state-of-the-art.

τέλος  (Telos) — Knowing where one is heading, with a purpose, before embarking on the journey.