About Our Team

Mark Döhmann

Mark started his audio journey in 1974 with a broken mechanical wind-up 78 RPM Gramophone with the instruction from his engineer father, “son, see if you can fix this”.

Vinyl replay in this home at that time was a state-of-the-art Pioneer Quadrophonic stereo and player.

Little did he know at the time that his father’s words would be the spark for an amazing career in audio.

With a solid background in aeronautical engineering gained during a tenure with a major Australian airline during the 1980's, Mark designed and built his own record players from 1982 to 1993 (by Dohmann & Gusew).

These beautiful hand-crafted players quickly developed a reputation as the best sounding turntables of their generation and are still held in high regard today by their owners.

Mark has gained acceptance in the international reviewer and audio community and also among the high end audio manufacturing industry for his innovation and the performance of his designs.

To this day he remains well respected for his independence, experience, audio knowledge and contribution to the audio industry around the world.

When Mark selects a component for Telos Audio's product stable, it is based on a 360 degree view of that component …the people behind it and its heritage.

Considered by many to be a true gentleman of the industry, he approaches his work with professionalism and care.

Having experienced the high-end world on a global scale, listened to hundreds of top-flight systems and owner’s feedback, Mark is well placed to offer advice on where to take your system in terms of performance and value.

Con Lucas

Con’s musical adventure began in the 1960's. Music was going through an expansive phase with old genres being revived (blues) and musical boundaries being extended.

African genres like the “High Life” along with South American and Jamaican sounds were becoming mainstream. Throw in rock'n'roll, folk and jazz, and a love affair was underway.

On Friday nights, Con would head down to Gaslight Records in Camberwell to spend his weekly paper round earnings on records.

Further down the tram line, in Hawthorn, was the Contemporary Sound Centre where the staff were kind enough to demonstrate and share the high-end gear to a curious group of frequently visiting children.

The die had been cast — and the relationship with music and it’s presentation continues to grow to this day.

Aside from being a well-known audiophile with a relentless drive to find the “right sound”, Con has valuable experience in the field of psycho-acoustic research.

He possesses a unique insight into the “audiophile experience” and has considerable experience in setting up, tweaking, optimising and listening to hundreds of audio systems.

He knows what good sound is and how to achieve it. He is well known for that cheeky smile followed by, “I told you so!”

By far his greatest passion is to be part of a client’s musical journey of discovery which he considers to be a privilege.